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Here I Come: The “Walking Towards the Camera” Supercut

As a lover of the medium of Film, which I can attribute to being exposed to the movies with my dad and mom. I will never forget seeing the Temple of Doom with my mom, or watching a Bridge Too Far with my dad and family friend Tony. It was when I was a senior in high school, that I was able to take a senior elective on film, which was taught by the greatest of all the great teachers I have ever had, Mr. Baldetti. He has since moved away to live with his brother due to his failing health now in his old age, but he and I would go to the movies together every so often.For me, when I would look over and see the look upon his face of enjoying the movies with complete rapture brought me joy in every sense of the word.

I came across a great you tube video entitles ” Here I come: The “Walking Towards the Camera.” It perfectly highlights a simple, but effective technique that filmmakers employ to tell their story to us. So sit back and have a watch. I bet next time you are watching a film and you see this technique being employed, you will think just how cool film can be!

Vid LinkHere I Come: The “Walking Towards the Camera” Supercut