Edge of Tomorrow Review

One of my favorite genres of film, as well as literature is that of Sci-Fi. Tom Cruse has now been within two recent Sci-Fi films, Oblivion and now Edge of Tomorrow. Both of these I would now consider as within the category of belonging to my favorite Sci-Fi films. What was it about Edge of Tomorrow that I enjoyed so much? It took the often used basic storyline premise of an alien invasion, which threatens to obliterate the human race and then added into it the nuance of time manipulation, or time loops, in which ones specific timeline is altered, whereby one could replay the days events over, thus potentially altering the outcome. Basically, think any alien invasion movie meets Groundhog Day, sans the comedic element.

The first thing that is evidently noticeable when the film begins is how uncharacteristically not only unheroic Tom Cruse’s character is, but really how much he is a manipulator and the degree in which he truly is an unsympathetic person. Simple put, I did not “like” him, which very much lends credence to Cruse as an actor.

Having thus realized that he has no obvious means or ability to get out of the very troubling reality that he will have to in fact fight upon the front lines of the war, with the equally startling truth that he more than likely will die, Cruse’s character tries any and all means to “worm” his way out, with no such luck.

Watching the sheer terror and helplessness that he is suffering from before literally being dropped onto the battlefield, made for good cinema. Of course, in watching the trailer and knowing the premies of the film, we, the audience knows that Tom Cruse’s character Cage, will eventually develop into the hero and thus carry out the unselfish, altruistic deeds which will not only win the day but save humanity.

There lies in the real fun of the film. We get to see that transformation take place over the course of not only days, but of years, a transformation of character and of skills and of confidence and of heroicness, of this man who very much is anything but at the start of the film. We also get to see how methodical and painstakingly such a process is, for Cage has to die in order for his day to restart and dies he does.

What makes this film intriguing to me is the fact that it could be presented in such a way which could very well give way to a bleak, existential narrative. Though at its heart there is plenty of action, humor and humanness that  convoys to the viewer that even in spite of the potentially threatening ramifications that would take place if the aliens were in fact to win, given the chance, even one who is the most unlikely individual can overtime become good, nobel and lionhearted.

I found the pacing of the film, both in terms of the action sequences, as well as the character interactions to be top rate and impressive. This very much is a film that is “believable”, which sadly, so often man Sci-Fi films lack that primary factor.

Tom Cruse as Cage was a perfect casting. He brings both a credibility to the role, as well as a vulnerability that was both surprising and refreshing to see.

Emily Blunt was both fantastic and way credible as the “F.M.B.” (Full Metal Bitch). Having herself been able to do what Cage is currently able to do, lended a dynamic to their characters relationship that made for both interesting and intriguing developments between the two. Without giving away any spoilers, I would contend that the way in which these two characters relate to one another and carry on with their relationship with one another, in spite of or perhaps better said because of the alien invasion makes for good screen chemistry.

Of course, I have to mention Bill Paxton who portrays master Sergeant Farell. He was a gem within the film, making for some of the most enjoyable, as well as most humorous moments on screen. Again, this was very much a perfect casting of an actor to a role.

Edge of Tomorrow is well crafted and blended film, which the various elements contained within all of which were expertly arranged and presented to the audience. This will definitely be a favorite of mine for years to come!