Guardians of the Galaxy Review

“I am Groot”

While there are slew of films that come out every year, only a handful are ones that I truly have any desire to watch. I chalk it up to being finicky, or perhaps a more eloquent phrase to employ would be more along the lines of having “distinguishing tastes”. To be fair, the films that I enjoy the most would not be classified within the  “sophisticated, film nouveau” category. Thus, for example, while I enjoy humor, many of the films released simply do not cater to my particular sense of what I find humorous. Likewise, while I enjoy action, many of the action films don’t hold my interest due to the overall plot and the characters within the film.

What makes a film work for me ultimately has to do with the story. If the story is interesting, well thought out and engaging it will retain my interest so that it will make me feel invested with what is taking place on screen. Everything begins and end with the story for me, which is why so many current films just fail to warrant my time or energy.

Every blue moon a film comes out that has all of those elements of story, characters, humor, action and drama blended and incorporated into a whole and thus works in a such way that makes watching it purely magical, as well as captivating.

That film for me is Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you have yet to see it, you need to stop reading this review and go see it. Seriously. Go see it now.

As one who grew up during the late 70’s and early 80’s, watching the film was very much a homage to that distinct timeframe. There was a certain freedom and looseness that the film helped to capture in terms of the essence of that past era, that it really brought back not only a sense of nostalgia, but of a sense of homecoming.

Take for example, one of the aspects of the primary character of Peter Quill (aka Starlord) that enabled me to form a connection with, was the importance and deep significance that he held for music and how the film very much revolves around his beloved cassette tape containing songs from his time on Earth which his mother gifted him.

In todays digital tech age, those as teens simply don’t have that profoundly personal experience of making a mixed tape of music, with all the nuances that went into taking the time to choose not only the songs, but to ensure that the songs chosen all would be able to fit on the length of time that the tape provided for. I still have several of the cassette tapes that I crafted with various bands and musicians from the days of my youth. It was truly a different time and a different age.

Hence, in many ways I would classify this film as a space opera, in terms of how the music is specifically chosen for the various moments, moods and sequences throughout the film. The songs themselves could be said to take on a persona or characteristic of the film.

The other aspect of the film that I enjoyed was how it was a truly an old fashion buddy film. While one could argue that the characters meshed too quickly with one another, I would content that the pacing of the film both in terms of the story and the character development was perfectly fine from my vantage point.

It was the interaction of the primary characters which was what made for the most enjoyable elements of the film. There was very much a sense of there being an organic and spontaneous flow of dialogue and interaction between the actors, hence It felt very real and natural as the film unfolded. Credit most definitely needs to be given to director James Gunn for a masterful combination of so many elements combined, all of which worked to create a kaleidoscope of a really cool, fun and refreshing film.

Chris Pratt was very much me twenty years ago. Watching his character unfold throughout the movie was very much like looking into a distant mirror. Those who know me these days might scratch their head at my mentioning that particular personal reveal, but those who knew me back in the day would very much see me through the character of “Star Lord”.

On another personal note, the scene with a nine year old Peter Quill having to face the reality of the his mom dying definitely touched a nerve with me, for having had that very same experience of being at my moms side as she was dying not that long ago. As hard as that scene was for me to take in, I made me identify all the more with Peter Quill/ Star Lord.

Zoe Saldana is always a solid, enjoyable actress. She is able to provide both a toughness and a delicateness that was just right for her character Gamora.

Dave Bautista as Drax was way cool. His performance and delivery was really quite amusing, since he was plaining the straight, no nonsense character against those around him. He encompassed the role well and I very much rigged what he did with the character. The rage and anger he had really were more a mask of the pain of lose that he was suffering from within. I want to see more of Drax in the sequel.

Bradley Cooper as Rocket infused both an-oh-so-wrong-but funny humor to the character, but also very much gave him a “humanity” as well. He rocked…get it…rocked…Rocket…

Karen Gillan as Nebula as hot. I loved her shaved head look.

Then there is Vin Diesel. He was perfectly cast as the Iron Giant within that film long ago, one which sadly not many have seen. I would very much recommend that film to those reading this review. As the voice of the Iron Giant, he brought a humanity to that role. Here within the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin Diesel is once more perfectly cast as Groot.

It is the character of Groot who in many ways is the heart and soul of the film. It is this character who very much steals the movie, which I contend was the “plan” of James Gunn to being with. Once you watch the film, I think you would readily agree with me.

In summery, there is a great deal of charm and innocence about the film that has been sorely missing or lost within so many films of the recent decade. It very much made for both a refreshing and just plain fun experience to be sitting there at the movie theater. The themes of friendship, innocence, redemption, doing what is right-even if it means making a sacrifice have all been played out innumerably times, though this film combines them in such a manner that makes it fun, heartwarming and a real joy to watch.

As of now, I am so totally invested with these supposed misfits, who are now the Guardians of the Galaxy. I, like so many can not wait to see what their next misadventure will be and where we as an audience will be going. While I can’t wait for next summer to see the Avengers, I find myself much more connected to and identifying with Starlord and the Guardians.

“We are Groot”



Guardians of the galaxy5

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy...Milano..Ph: Film Frame..?Marvel 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

When I saw How To Train Your Dagon some years back, I was so impressed by the story, themes and gorgeous animation, to say nothing of the beautiful soundtrack. Immediately, when the film had finished, I sat within my theater seat and was already hoping that there would be a sequel, for here was a film, a beautifully animated film with characters that I very much cared for and who I wanted to find out what happened next to them.

Thus, it was with much anticipation as I waited for How To Train Your Dragon 2 to being when seeing it the other day in my local theater. I can say without any reserve or hesitation, that I was very pleased with where the story took us, along with the various events that transpired over the course of the film.

What I enjoyed most about the film was the continuation of the issues that the main protagonist Hiccup faced. Whereas within the first film, it was grounded within the framework of what friendship means, especially in terms of when there is such a divided between to, specifically who can a human and a dragon truly be friends when there is an inherent conflict between species. Is such a thing even possible, let alone how would others accept such a different though genuinely deep and lasting friendship between such a “different” friend indeed.

Another primary theme mixed within the first film is how to ultimately be accepted for who and what one is, especially when the expectations and perceptions of others are so divergent from the reality of who truly a particular person is at the core of their personality and being.

Well, suffice to say the sequel continues to carry on such grand and significant themes, such as what ones role is within the community at large, as well as the duty one has to not only oneself, but especially to those who are entrusted to be cared for and having a responsibility towards. Not to be lost within the mix is how one deals with the repercussions of events which have played out within the past, that have a definitive sway and impact upon ones current situation and daily ramifications.

Sounds like quite a heavy load, but all of these themes are well played out, masterly so in terms of the overall story and within the spectacularly rendered events as they unfold throughout the film. Of course there is a definitive conclusion at the end of the film, one that while does not shy away from the pains and difficulties of life, nevertheless there harkens the goodness and triumph when one stands firm in following both ones personal conviction, as well as when one acts with the welfare of others in mind.

There is very much a sense of a continuation that is playing itself out as the film presents itself, one the the audience shares within and hopefully can think upon in relation to one’s own life. Perhaps I am going to deep within the story and themes, for one could contend that it is just an animated film, beautifully done mind you. Though, I would retort that there lies the wonderful aspect of this film. It is a story that very much can be related to within a much broader context, not just merely enjoyed for the “cool” animation.

After the closing credits, I sat back in my seat and said aloud, “Ok, I am ready for How To Train Your Dragon 3!”




Edge of Tomorrow Review

One of my favorite genres of film, as well as literature is that of Sci-Fi. Tom Cruse has now been within two recent Sci-Fi films, Oblivion and now Edge of Tomorrow. Both of these I would now consider as within the category of belonging to my favorite Sci-Fi films. What was it about Edge of Tomorrow that I enjoyed so much? It took the often used basic storyline premise of an alien invasion, which threatens to obliterate the human race and then added into it the nuance of time manipulation, or time loops, in which ones specific timeline is altered, whereby one could replay the days events over, thus potentially altering the outcome. Basically, think any alien invasion movie meets Groundhog Day, sans the comedic element.

The first thing that is evidently noticeable when the film begins is how uncharacteristically not only unheroic Tom Cruse’s character is, but really how much he is a manipulator and the degree in which he truly is an unsympathetic person. Simple put, I did not “like” him, which very much lends credence to Cruse as an actor.

Having thus realized that he has no obvious means or ability to get out of the very troubling reality that he will have to in fact fight upon the front lines of the war, with the equally startling truth that he more than likely will die, Cruse’s character tries any and all means to “worm” his way out, with no such luck.

Watching the sheer terror and helplessness that he is suffering from before literally being dropped onto the battlefield, made for good cinema. Of course, in watching the trailer and knowing the premies of the film, we, the audience knows that Tom Cruse’s character Cage, will eventually develop into the hero and thus carry out the unselfish, altruistic deeds which will not only win the day but save humanity.

There lies in the real fun of the film. We get to see that transformation take place over the course of not only days, but of years, a transformation of character and of skills and of confidence and of heroicness, of this man who very much is anything but at the start of the film. We also get to see how methodical and painstakingly such a process is, for Cage has to die in order for his day to restart and dies he does.

What makes this film intriguing to me is the fact that it could be presented in such a way which could very well give way to a bleak, existential narrative. Though at its heart there is plenty of action, humor and humanness that  convoys to the viewer that even in spite of the potentially threatening ramifications that would take place if the aliens were in fact to win, given the chance, even one who is the most unlikely individual can overtime become good, nobel and lionhearted.

I found the pacing of the film, both in terms of the action sequences, as well as the character interactions to be top rate and impressive. This very much is a film that is “believable”, which sadly, so often man Sci-Fi films lack that primary factor.

Tom Cruse as Cage was a perfect casting. He brings both a credibility to the role, as well as a vulnerability that was both surprising and refreshing to see.

Emily Blunt was both fantastic and way credible as the “F.M.B.” (Full Metal Bitch). Having herself been able to do what Cage is currently able to do, lended a dynamic to their characters relationship that made for both interesting and intriguing developments between the two. Without giving away any spoilers, I would contend that the way in which these two characters relate to one another and carry on with their relationship with one another, in spite of or perhaps better said because of the alien invasion makes for good screen chemistry.

Of course, I have to mention Bill Paxton who portrays master Sergeant Farell. He was a gem within the film, making for some of the most enjoyable, as well as most humorous moments on screen. Again, this was very much a perfect casting of an actor to a role.

Edge of Tomorrow is well crafted and blended film, which the various elements contained within all of which were expertly arranged and presented to the audience. This will definitely be a favorite of mine for years to come!






Last night, I met up with my buddies Josh and Jeff, who brought along two of there friends William and Aaron who I met for the first time and in we went to watch Oblivion in IMAX. When the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness came on, Jeff shut his eyes and put his hands over his ears, so he would be as sensory deprived as possible, so as to not see or hear anything of the film which would lessen his experience of seeing it for the first time when it is released. Josh took a great pic of that moment!

Oblivion was a great sic-fi film, for it had all of the elements which for me made it really enjoyable to watch. The story first and foremost was engaging, with a few plot twists which I thought were both interesting and intriguing. The cinematography and visuals were both really cool and expertly crafted, while the effects were believable and realistic.

In terms of acting, Tom Cruise did a really good job. He really “acted” within this film and made his character both a credible and sympathetic “everyman”, as well as thoughtful hero. Not since The Last Samurai did I feel Cruise really engaged me as a viewer, though to be fair, he has done films since then that I have enjoyed. My point being that he brought it home in this one.

Music for me is a very crucial aspect of the film, for it helps to set the tone and evaluate the mood of the film. As I watch a film, I very much listen carefully and attentively as to the manner in which the film score works to solidify the overall fabrication of the movie. The film composer, M83 did a beautiful job with the score, balancing and harmonizing the futuristic atmosphere via a layered synthesizer approach that is a gorgeous soundtrack. I heard a few tracks previously, so I knew going in, I would very much enjoy it, thought I was quite curious to see how it worked with the visuals of the film. It blended perfectly and effectively. Needless to say, I went and bought a copy of the soundtrack after seeing the film, so as to add to my cd collection.

My recommendation: Go see the film, in IMAX if your able to, for it very much lends itself to the scale of an IMAX screen in terms of the beautiful visuals of the film. If you are a fan of the sic-fi genre, you will, I believe be quite happy with what director Joseph Kosinski has brought to the screen. I look forward to more of his films in the future!


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Godzilla Review

As a young boy, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving. I loved the brown, orange and yellow colored decorations that my mom would place around the house to help get into the spirit of the holiday. Of course it goes without saying that the actual day of celebrating Thanksgiving was always awesome, for I would awake to the sounds of mom from within the kitchen, working away upon the turkey, stuffing and other assorted wonders. My grandmother, aunt and uncle would arrive in the early afternoon, with grams brings two homemade pumpkin pies. One for dessert after our Thanksgiving feast and the other she baked for me for the day after Thanksgiving.

It was the day after Thanksgiving that was when the Godzilla Marathon was on t.v.! From morning, through the afternoon and into the evening, I would sit there happy as a clam, fully taking in all the Godzillaness goodness, while enjoying the last remaining pumpkin pie that my grandmother made for just this special occasion.

So Godzilla and I go way back.

In terms of the film, I will simply say that I wanted “more” Godzillaness. While I enjoyed the particular approach of framing the film through the experiences of the primary human perspectives which the main actors provided, I very much wanted to see more of Godzilla in action. There were three principle fights sequences with Godzilla within the film, one of which was shown by way of a background cable news report. Though it lends itself to the “realism” of what it would be like to have these massive monsters actually showing up upon the scene and directly effecting local and world events, the thing that I missed until the final fight sequence between Godzilla and the pair of “bad” monsters was the actual battle between them.

When watching a Godzilla movie, it is all about watching and enjoying Godzilla waffle stomping his opponents. Sure, it can’t be a walk in the park for Godzilla, for it wouldn’t be interesting or have any sense of ‘tension” within the film, but in the back of your mind, you know that Godzilla was win and that is the really fun of the Godzilla films is watching him bring the pain train down upon his particular opponent, as well as whichever city he just so happens to level.

The final fight that takes place within the city of San Francisco at night was visually really cool and unique, for there was a much more heightened sense of obfuscation as to how things were going to play out when there was the final showdown between Godzilla and the other monsters. It especially was really effective having this closing clash take place at night, for when the audience gets to finally see Godzilla make use of his defining and legendary atomic breath weapon blast, it was truly spectacularly, for with the contrast of the darkly lit night scene in contrast with the realization that Godzilla was in fact “charging” up to let loose his atomic discharge as realized by the fact on screen we see the white/blue atomic buildup starting at the base of his tail and moving through his back armored plates until he opens his massive jaws and proceeds to fully unload his wrath upon his opponent.

That was with the price of admission right there!

Visually, I was very happy with how Godzilla was portrayed. He looked like “Godzilla” to me, so it was really good to see how he retained a much respected balance between the classic “man in a suit” look, which we all love and cherish and the beauty and nuances that only the current computer generated look can be generated. He looked way cool!

Suffice to say, I was really pleased with how he not only looked, but also how he sounded in terms of his classic “Godzilla roar”. That one one aspect of the film that for me was a key ingredient if I would really buy into the film. He had to look and sound like the Godzilla I know and love and so happy that the filmmakers delivered that in spades!

In terms of the actors themselves, I will simple say that Bryan Cranston was a perfect selection to play his role. He was both believable and engaging. I do wish he had a much larger timeframe, but it is understandable as to how things play out with his character to move others and the film forward.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was serviceable and for me was solid within his part trying to both get back to his family, as well as deal with the ramifications of what has been newly released upon the world.

Lastly, I wanted to mention Ken Watanabe, who is one of my favorite actors. He is one who I make a point of watching whatever film he is within, for I find his acting and characterizations of his specific roles always engaging and fulfilling. So when I learned that he was to be one of the primary actors within this film, I was more than pleased. Suffice to say, I certainly hope that for the sequel that they are planning on making, that he has a much larger role within the film, for I would contend that his character would be a good one to build the continuing story around, while not only letting that character further develop, but also as a means of reference and connection for the audience.

Finally, the director Gareth Edwards made a very solid Godzilla film. I was overall quite pleased with how it played out, both the storyline and the visuals. The only real contention that I had and which I hope will be further elaborated upon within the next film is simple put: “More Godzillaness!”

As a Godzilla lover, I want to see much more of the spectacla of who he is, as well as more and or longer actual fight sequences. The story and overall character of Godzilla is now established within film, now he needs to be allowed to do what he has done best throughout the many film incantations that have been presented to his beloved fans worldwide.

Do that and you will have the perfect Godzilla film for our age!




Agents of Shield Renewed And Agent Carter Is A Go!

So excited to have read the news that my favorite T.V. show Agents of Shield is being renewed for a second season!

Also announced by ABC was that a new show entitled Agent Carter, based upon Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter character from Captain America will be coming in the fall! She was awesome in the Marvel One -Shot: Agent Carter!

Agents of Shield started off as a slow burn, but really found its sea legs as the season progressed, which makes sense, for being a new show, the characters and storyline need to have time to fuse and find its niche.

I, for one am hoping that Ward turns out to be a triple agent, working for Nick Fury. He better come back next season, for I have really digged what the writers have been doing with his character. Perhaps we will finally learn what the truth is with him come next tuesday. I can not wait!!!

Hail Hydra…Not!!!!!

Agents of Sheild:Hydra1

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two Teaser Poster

Captain America: The Winter Solider Film Review

Captain America: The Winter Solider is a film that I have been waiting to see for quite a long time, since it was first announced that there was to be a follow up film after the success of the Captain America: The First Avenger. I can not express how much total “fanboy” excitement and sheer enthusiasm I had when I watched the first primary trailer for the Winter Solider. It looked to have all of the elements of a film that are to my way of thinking what makes a film truly great. After seeing the film, I can say without any hesitation or reserve that not only did the film meet my expectations, but that it far, far expedited them.

The Russo brothers who directed the film and the writing team of Ed Brubaker, Christopher Markus and Setphen McFeely have put together a film that not only encapsulates the very essence of a superhero film, but even more compellingly manage to do so by way of having to place it within the context of both a political thriller and a contemporary scenario that addresses the very essence of what we as a nation and a wold are facing with the rise of the invasive, overreaching powers of governmental surveillance into every aspect of our everyday life. The film rightly balances the topical issues that are so prevalent now in our contemporary political and societal realities of the very genuine threat of personal liberties being withdrawn due impart to autocratic response to terrorism and the supposed threat that it posies. With such acts of governmental legislation including the NNDA and the Patriot Act in effect, the primary theme of the film addressing fear verses appropriate response and freedom vs governmental Orwellian control make much more than just a mere fun and action packed superhero film. What I found so refreshing about the way in which the film addressed these overarching subjects was so expertly woven within the very nature of the storyline and how the events unfolded within the film as a direct result with what has been taking place within the Marvel universe, in relation to our contemporary societal realities.

One aspect of the Steve Rogers character that I so desperately wanted to see was his enhanced fighting abilities and hand to hand combat, along with the effortlessly manner and instinctive use of his Vibranium shield. While we see Cap fighting prowess within the first Captain American film, as well as in Avengers, none of his particular fighting sequences fired me up and be excited to watch Cap in action, which on some level was disappointing, for I know just how epically awesome he is in terms of his fighting skills. In Marvel lore, he is regarded as one of the best in hand to hand combat expertise. That is what I want to witness and experience on the screen. Much like when I first watched Jackie Chan in Drunken Master II, I wanted to be absolutely amazed and roused by the action taking place. Watching Cap take out the bad guys onboard the ship, within the elevator and the skillfulness, mastery and natural fluidity with which he did so was so epic to watch. This film truly showcases the inherent abilities that Steve Rogers posses as a result of the Super Serum. The fight sequences and coordinated stunt sequences are truly exhilarating and amazed in every sense of the word to watch. This is the Cap that I want so desperately to see in action and the filmmakers delivered it! Bravo!

Besides the physical abilities that Steve Rogers possesses, it is the altruistic, genuine goodness and self sacrificing nature that draws me to this particular character. He is one who is refreshingly non compromising in the face of evil. These are the qualities that we need within our society now more than ever and which are so sadly lacking within this day and age of narcissism and self-serving egoism. Throughout the film, even though Steve Rogers is trying to come to terms with what we have become as a country and society, which is so contrary to the beliefs, norms and code of conduct which were held within his era of World War II, he remains steadfast to those ideas and standards. Captain America stands for truth, goodness and an America that once was, a time when gentility, civility and graciousness were the norm, not the exception.

In terms of the actors, I was equally impressed by the whole cast and what they did with their particular character. I probably am sounding very much like a “fanboy” which I admit I am, but I will defiantly and without any reserve call a spade when needed (The last three Star War films come to mind). Chris Evans is the embodiment of Steve Rogers/Captain America. I hope that we see more of him with this character well after the Avengers films and the next sequel to Winter Soldier. While I can understand that he does not want to be one to be pigeonholed, from one who really greatly appreciates his acting and what he brings to this character, I hope for all our sakes that he decides to continue with it. Just as an aside, if you have not seen the Losers, stop reading this and go rent it now! Chris Evans rocks in that film, it goes without saying I sure hope there is a sequel to the Losers as well!

I have already seen Winter Soldier twice so far and will go see it a third time, which is something I very rarely do these day, unless I really loved and enjoyed what I saw up on the big screen. This is a film that truly captured my heart and my intellect. It not only is a fantastically fun super hero movie, it really is a thoughtful, well executed and beautifully shot film. Trent Opaloch was the director of photography for the film, his other notable works being District 9 and Elysium, which I thought were visually beautifully and stunning to take in. I am really excited that he will be back working on the next Captain American film, along with the writers and Russo brothers directing.

I wish it were May 6th, 2016 now!




Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at PaleyFest

As a youth, I was an avid comic book reader and collector. I subscribed to a whole host of comics and was always so excited to receive them in the mail! I would go immediately to my room and take in everything that the particular current issue had to offer. So when Marvel released Iron Man on the big screen, it was like reliving those childhood moments of imagination, wonder and excitement all over again, yet on a much grander scale and visually grandeur visage.

One character in particular whose presence was the glue so to speak of the moves was that of Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.. If you have not watched any of the Marvel movies, stop reading this and go watch all of them right now! Also, make sure to watch the “One Shots” which are included upon the Blu-rays. When I first learned that there was to be a television show featuring our beloved Agent Coulson, I was on board completely!

Suffice to say that I have very much enjoyed Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. and have been really pleased with how it has only gotten better as the season has progressed.

Last Sunday in Hollywood at the Dolby Theater* (where the Oscars take place) there was a special presentation where the cast, producers and executives of the television show were all gathered together so as to provide the fans a unique opportunity to come and not only see the “stars” but to also get some insight into the show itself.

The last time I attended a presentation such as Sundays PaleyFest for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was for the television show Magnum P.I., which is not only my all-time most favorite tv show, but also the one that had the greatest impact upon me over the many years that it was on. Every Thursday night, while my mom would be playing Bridge with her friends and dad was watching sports, I would be watching my beloved Magnum P.I. show. There are a few other T.V. shows that I loved throughout my life, such as The Bionic Man, Battlestar Galactica, Tales of the Golden Monkey and Jack of All Trades, to name just a few. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is now included within my personal little cannon of favorite t.v. shows that I watch faithfully and really enjoy tremendously.

Similarly to the Magnum P.I. presentation, the cast, writers and producers of the show were in attendance for the Agents of Shield PaleyFest, so it was a real treat!

What was fun to see was the interaction that the cast had with one another, for you could clearly tell how much of a family they have become amongst themselves working together over the course of the first season.

One aspect that I that was quite interesting was the fact of how much the actors are left in the dark in terms of what the future events that will be taking place upon the show, as well as what will happen to them in particular. Marvel really does play their creative cards close, which while it was somewhat frustrating to not have a whole lot to actually openly share and discuss with the fans present, it also made me appreciate that there are going to be a lot of character growth, alterations and overall plot events which will leave me sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch each new episode.

Before the actual panel took place, we were provided with a really special surprise of seeing the newest and yet unaired episode. I am not going to reveal anything about the upcoming episode, for it would be not only a breech of trust on the part of those who were gracious enough to allow those attending to have a first viewing of it, but it would also ruin the overall awesomeness of what the show has in store for all the fans when it is finally shown. Suffice to say, I was really pleased by what I watched and so was everyone else in attendance. There was one part where I yelped out loud in total delight over this one particular development, but that is all I am going to say about it.

Once the actors and executive producers and creators came out on stage, it was time for some Q&A, by the primary “host” and then by way of random questions from the audience. While I understand the sense of secrecy as to what is to transpire over the remainder of the season, I was hoping for some more “meaty” questions of the actors, writers and creators. It just seemed to my way of thinking being played “too safe”. The questions by way of the audience also left me with wanting more in terms of what could have been asked or offered up for discussion. As I sat there in my seat, I was mentally coming up with questions that I would have asked had I been the one in the role of the official MC.

These are some of the questions I would have liked to asked/have answered:

1. What is the overall process of coming up with a particular episode by way of the producers, writers and director?

2. How closely does the team of writers interact with one another in composing the scripts/story lines for the show?

3. For the actors, what has been the biggest challenge in playing/portraying their particular character?

4. In what way have the actors come to a greater awareness of their particular character that they play/portray?

5. Can you elaborate upon some of the primary themes that the show is addressing and or dealing with in terms of the various characters and events that transpire.

6. How are Agent Coulson and Skye converging and also diverging in terms of their beliefs and approaches to life, the team, authority and S.H.I.E.L.D. respectively.

7. Learning about Mr. Dalton training by way of attending both Yale and a clown training academy, what type of background experiences and or training can the cast share with in terms of helping to enrich and enflesh their particular character portrayed.

8. How will the show continue to evolve over the course of this current season and hopefully being picked up for an additional season next year?

9. Will we see more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. within the various Marvel feature films?

10. In terms of a comparison to say Dr. Bruce Banner or Tony Stark, where would Fitz and Simmons rank in terms of their intellectual knowledge and scientific/tech applications.

11. Mr. Clark spoke about the metaphysical ramifications and aspects of playing a man who was dead and brought back to life. I would love to have a further elaboration upon the notion of where he sees his character going and how he has changed since we were first introduced to him by way of Iron Man.

12. Might we see more interaction and a furthering relationship between Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Agent Coulson.

The biggest impression that I came away with from attending the PaleyFest presentation was how gracious and thoughtful actor Clark Gregg truly is both in terms of articulating how his character of Agent Coulson has changed and wrestled metaphysically with what he has gone through, as well as twice going out to the audience, one to accept a fans handcrafted gift for each actor of the show and going out to give a big hug and kind, heartfelt words to one fan who was so overjoyed that her hero Agent Coulson is very much alive.

If only we had more like Clark Gregg in the world and within Hollywood. I was of course a fan before, but now there is also mixed a genuine respect and admiration for the man.

If you have not had a chance to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I give it my full and unreserved recommendation. It has all of the elements that I want from a good story, from action, suspense, humor and plot twists to characters that have grown and developed over the season. I certainly hope that there is not only a Season 2, but many Seasons after that. Agent Coulson and his team deserve it!

*Just an aside, everyone that I came in contact with at the Dolby Theater was so kind, agreeable and professional. From the gentleman working the ticket booth, to the usher who took the time to show me my seat, to manager who asked if there was anything that I might need. I was really impressed and wanted to make a special mention of how cool everyone was! Bravo!






Captain America 4 Minute Trailer

I just bought my ticket for Captain America: Winter Solider, for an April 3rd 8:15 pm showing!

I am so pumped up to see this movie, I (along with my good buddy Mark) have been chopping at the bit to see this! I literally just got off the phone with him a moment ago, telling him that I bought his ticket, since there was no way I wanted to not see this opening night!

Marvel released a special four minute trailer this afternoon, which has me even more pumped for the film, if that is even possible!

This film is going to ROCK!!!!

Link: Captain America: Winter Solider Four Minute Trailer



Godzilla Trailer

The King of Monsters is BACK!


Now this is how a trailer is done right…watching the events unfold wondering what is taking place, with the big reveal at the end…and leaving the audience with the sense of keyed up anticipation!

I can not wait to see this on the big screen!!!

Link: Godzilla Trailer