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Video Stores Explained To Modern Kids

I came across this video today and wanted to share it with everyone. I have fond memories of riding my bike down to the local video store in order to rent a few vhs movies. It is akin to the various record stores that used to be so prevalent, which I would contend is a lose for all. Long gone are the days where one could roam the isles and uncover some hidden gem and have a conversation about this or that favorite film or actor or director with another likeminded lover of film (or music).

While I am all for technology and welcome the various innovations that it brings, it must be noted that the “human” element of these such experiences which are drawn from the video are something to be both missed and reflected upon.

Video: Video Stores Explained To Modern Kids

video store 2


Movie Trailers

There has not much that has been released recently to warrant me to head out and into my local movie theater sad to say. I have though purchased some old favorites on Blu-ray, which I will share about on another post.

Fortunately, there are several films that will be released soon that looks like just the sort of movie I will enjoy very much judging from the trailer, as well as the actors within them.

So with that, here are some trailers of potential enjoyable films that I will go see:

Click Link For Vid: Jackie Chan ‘CZ12’ Trailer


Click Link For Vid: Jude Law ‘Dom Hemingway’ UK Trailer


Click Link For Vid: Rutger Hauer ‘Dracula 3D’ Trailer


Click Link For Vid:  Zero Charisma Official Trailer