Hello and welcome to my movie review site.

My name is Patrick and I love movies!

I have been a film buff since I can remember as a young child my mom dad taking me to watch such classic films as the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Dr. No and especially Star Wars: An New Hope!

From those early years, till now, I have deeply and profoundly enjoyed going to the movies and thought why not share my love of film, while writing about what particular films I have seen.

While attending university working upon my undergraduate studies, I was by good fortune able to take a couple classes dealing with various aspects of film and movie productions, which was invaluable when after graduating, my first teaching job included a high school senior class dealing with movie making and film appreciation. One of the awesome aspects of that particular class was the fact that I could choose which films were shown to the students to be discusses and analyzed.

Since that time, I have managed to proceed through the various days of watching movies upon VHS, Laserdisc, DvD and now Blu-ray, when not sitting within a darkened movie theater enjoying my popcorn while fully engaged by what is taking place upon the screen.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and together we can be entertained by movie magic!

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