How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

When I saw How To Train Your Dagon some years back, I was so impressed by the story, themes and gorgeous animation, to say nothing of the beautiful soundtrack. Immediately, when the film had finished, I sat within my theater seat and was already hoping that there would be a sequel, for here was a film, a beautifully animated film with characters that I very much cared for and who I wanted to find out what happened next to them.

Thus, it was with much anticipation as I waited for How To Train Your Dragon 2 to being when seeing it the other day in my local theater. I can say without any reserve or hesitation, that I was very pleased with where the story took us, along with the various events that transpired over the course of the film.

What I enjoyed most about the film was the continuation of the issues that the main protagonist Hiccup faced. Whereas within the first film, it was grounded within the framework of what friendship means, especially in terms of when there is such a divided between to, specifically who can a human and a dragon truly be friends when there is an inherent conflict between species. Is such a thing even possible, let alone how would others accept such a different though genuinely deep and lasting friendship between such a “different” friend indeed.

Another primary theme mixed within the first film is how to ultimately be accepted for who and what one is, especially when the expectations and perceptions of others are so divergent from the reality of who truly a particular person is at the core of their personality and being.

Well, suffice to say the sequel continues to carry on such grand and significant themes, such as what ones role is within the community at large, as well as the duty one has to not only oneself, but especially to those who are entrusted to be cared for and having a responsibility towards. Not to be lost within the mix is how one deals with the repercussions of events which have played out within the past, that have a definitive sway and impact upon ones current situation and daily ramifications.

Sounds like quite a heavy load, but all of these themes are well played out, masterly so in terms of the overall story and within the spectacularly rendered events as they unfold throughout the film. Of course there is a definitive conclusion at the end of the film, one that while does not shy away from the pains and difficulties of life, nevertheless there harkens the goodness and triumph when one stands firm in following both ones personal conviction, as well as when one acts with the welfare of others in mind.

There is very much a sense of a continuation that is playing itself out as the film presents itself, one the the audience shares within and hopefully can think upon in relation to one’s own life. Perhaps I am going to deep within the story and themes, for one could contend that it is just an animated film, beautifully done mind you. Though, I would retort that there lies the wonderful aspect of this film. It is a story that very much can be related to within a much broader context, not just merely enjoyed for the “cool” animation.

After the closing credits, I sat back in my seat and said aloud, “Ok, I am ready for How To Train Your Dragon 3!”